Minimalism: The Future of Teens

Allyna Huang & Hailey Aung

Spending money and being able to buy what you like could be the biggest happiness for a person, but those may turn out to be hasty purchases that you don’t necessarily need to have. These purchases bought with your precious money may soon go into the bin and end up in the landfill. The average American creates about 4.4 pounds of waste per day, leading to around 1,600 pounds per year. The population of the U.S. is estimated to be almost 330 million people, so if you do some basic calculations, you will realize that this is a humongous amount of trash being produced in America. Seeing these numbers, don’t you have any thoughts to have some variations in how you use your money and to be part of the change to live more eco-friendly?

Living in a way to be more cautious about the waste you produce isn’t as hard as you think. The best way to prevent creating trash is, of course, to not have things to throw away in the first place. You can do this by buying fewer things that will quickly go into the dumpster, such as groceries that come in plastic bags or impulse purchases. Your next step will be donating the items that don’t make you happy anymore. Teenagers create habits that can last a lifetime, so it's best to give minimalism a try and stop buying everything you lay your eyes on, also known as impulse buying.

Over time, you will save a lot of money by spending wisely, which will be helpful when you go to college or when you go on living your life. The first step you take may be a little difficult, such as having to resist buying the aesthetic items on that store shelf. Therefore, you need to think hard about whether you really want that item. You should figure out whether it’s going to stay in your life for a long time or if it will be just another trinket in your home. Minimalism isn’t something easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, so if you give up on this kind of lifestyle, you can try living more eco-friendly, which will help you save both your money and the earth.

After reading this, are you feeling motivated to make a change in your lifestyle and reduce the amount of money you thoughtlessly spend? Hopefully, in the long run, you will be able to continue being a minimalist and maybe try zero-waste next. There are so many options and lifestyles that can help slow down climate change while saving, such as the ones we mentioned above. As SND’s mission is to help the community, buying less things and leading a minimalist lifestyle will help out the environment. People vote with their dollars, so you should find brands that are sustainable and support them, rather than just the popular ones. All in all, learning to spend money wisely during the teenage years is a clever decision, even if you aren’t going to live minimally your entire life.

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