Our Current Programs

SND Tutoring

Students Next Door empowers fellow students in the Bay Area ( and hopefully more areas in the future) to reach their fullest potential a program that allows vetted high school students to tutor younger students in a wide range of subjects. The learning happens through Google Classroom. The tutors are fully vetted by the Student Outreach Committee, a group of high-achieving students at SND. Our innovative tutoring program provides our youth the chance to get involved in the community, make a meaningful impact, and allow students to learn and enrich their knowledge. Come volunteer with us today !

Adult Students

The SND Tribune

We here at SND believe students have so much to offer to other students, as well as the school, district, and community in which they live. That's why we are starting an online newspaper to serve our community and deliver high-quality articles and editorials to inform and educate. Written by students, we give you a fresh perspective on the world and tie it in to our community. To start reading click below!

Juno x SND 


Students Nextdoor has partnered with Juno, a company on a mission to reduce the financial burden for those planning to attend college. Juno has grown to over 25,000 + members and helped thousands and thousands of students across several universities secure over $100M in financing. The universities include Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale, the University of Michigan, and many many more. The overall goal is to provide future college students with affordable student loan rates.