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We are a group of local students who recognize that community is important. Our community there for us and we should be there for them. With distance learning, many students aren't getting nearly enough instructional time and one-on-one attention from their teachers. So we offer free, one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students and supply free face masks to prevent contamination. We do not plan on stopping with helping our community anytime soon. You can be sure to expect us to stick around!

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As we all venture into uncharted territory with this global pandemic. Many students are at home with a new method of learning: Distance Learning This method is not working out for many students. To combat this problem, we here at Students Next Door have a wide range of tutors ready to help you in subjects that you are struggling with. Need help on your homework, or need to prepare for an online test. We are here to help, and the best part is...we do it for FREE.

Community Support

Our first step in community support was to help out our students by offering to tutor. We do not plan on stopping there. After this global pandemic starts to cool down, we want to help organize events that will boost us back into our daily lives while also living up the spirits of our community, We plan on volunteering at shelters and nursing homes, as well as hosting events of our own. We are here to help serve the community if you have any place or area that you can need help in, please feel free to contact us!


With what we said we will do, what is in it for the students that join our group? Well for starters, it might help build up your college application, second, it helps you relax after a hard day of school and work. Unwinding with friends and helping out at a local shelter, or walking dogs for your elderly neighbor, it can really help you take your mind off of the stress of school.


I had received tutoring from Gabriel in honors chemistry. He methodically explains concepts and connects them to other concepts for better understanding. Additionally, he provides good examples to support his teaching and concurrent concepts learned.

Riya Parekh

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A organization created by four individuals determined to help their community, SND was founded to nurture members of local communities.

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